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Spa Packages

Bathing a Yellow Lab Dog

Inclusive and Budget-Friendly Pet Spa Packages in San Antonio, TX

Ensure your pets are happy and healthy with help from Texas Mobile Pet Spa. Our inclusive pet spa packages in San Antonio, TX, and the surrounding communities aim to provide you and your pets the utmost convenience. We also sell a wide range of fun and valuable pet supplies for dogs and cats.

Different Cute Puppy Faces
Newly Groom Big Breed Dog

Pet Bathing Package

Our pet bathing package will leave your pet’s skin and coat feeling fabulous, and you’ll notice they will stop scratching and over-cleaning. We use specialized shampoos and conditioners to match your pets’ needs, and you can choose the one that’s best for your pet.

This package includes blow-out, nail clipping, gland expression, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing. We also give them a bandana or bow after the service to complete your pet’s look.

White Poodle in Hair Service

The “Furminator” Package

In addition to ensuring your pets are clean, we can eliminate large amounts of hair they can shed in spring and summer through this package.

White Poodle in New Hair Styling

Full Pampering Experience

Give your pet a unique look with airbrushed designs and pet hair dyeing. We can airbrush simple designs, such as hearts, into your pet’s fur or dye it for you.

We can also polish nails or offer a 10- to 15-minute pet massage to pamper them. Our pet groomers use rotary tools to quickly cut nails and claws. For a deep, lasting clean feeling, we offer foam facials, revitalizing micro-bubble soaks, or pod pad cream services. Flea and tick baths, hot oil treatments, and salon dental treatments are also available if your pets need them.